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MunEE Buck$ Program


When Customers Save, You Save

IAMU’s MunEE Bucks Energy Efficiency Program is a simple way for members to save energy, time, and money.

Iowa’s municipal utilities are committed to delivering energy reliably, affordably, and efficiently. They don’t just serve the community; they are a part of the community. Creating a brighter future for their customers, their families, and their hometowns is at the heart of what they do. A new program available to IAMU electric and natural gas municipal utility members can now help customers lower utility bills, save money, and conserve energy through a host of efficiency solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

Program Overview


The MunEE Bucks Prescriptive Energy Efficiency Incentive Program is a municipal utility customer incentive program designed to encourage the installation of energy-efficient equipment and systems in residential, commercial, and industrial facilities including, but not limited to: homes, public buildings, schools, hospitals, grocery stores, food processing plants, and advanced manufacturing facilities.


By providing a centralized, online rebate and incentive processing solution, this program helps IAMU members overcome the challenges that often discourage customers from participating in efficiency programs. Confusing qualification requirements, lengthy paper forms, and limited time are just a few of the reasons. MunEE Bucks encourages wider adoption of energy-efficiency measures across market segments using a simplified, easy-to-understand process, administered by IAMU.

With quarterly and annual reporting, the program provides utilities with valuable information about program participation, the total value of rebates processed, and much more. IAMU can work closely with your utility to identify trends and use the data to enhance the quality of the programs being offered to customers.

How It Works

As a municipal utility, you have the option to enroll in the program at no additional cost. Each utility will be provided a recommended portfolio of rebates and incentives to offer their customers. Members can choose which measures to move forward with and wish to leave out. You can have as few or as many as you prefer. The rebate and incentive amounts are set annually and are consistent across the program. At the end of each program year, rebates and incentives are evaluated for cost effectiveness and performance. IAMU manages rebate processing, while each utility is responsible for rebate payment and installation verification. 

Have a rebate or incentive that’s specific to your community? No problem, the MunEE Bucks program is flexible. IAMU’s Energy Services team can work with you to incorporate your unique requirements, whether it’s commercial kitchen equipment, grain dryers, or something entirely different.

To complete rebate applications, either the municipal utility or the customer uses an online portal hosted by IAMU and made available through your local utility’s website. The rebates and incentives are processed through the system and a report provided to the utility.

Program Support

Program support, including multimedia content development, training, workshops, marketing, and local promotion are provided by the IAMU with the assistance of the local utility.

Program Eligibility

Customers who are provided electric and natural gas services through a participating municipal utility are eligible for the program. Some restrictions apply based on location, construction type, and available utility funding. Customers are encouraged to contact their municipal utility or IAMU for additional information on eligibility.

Program Availability

The MunEE Bucks program is available to members for the 2019 calendar year. Once a member has signed up, IAMU will work with you to get your program up and running.


To find out more information and how you can help your customers save big bucks on energy, contact the IAMU Regional Energy Services Specialist Jeremy Caron at or by phone at 515.289.1999. 


Available Incentives

The MunEE Bucks Program provides incentives to customers for the installation of energy-efficient equipment for numerous applications including, but not limited, to the following measures:

  • Appliances
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment
  • Air-source heat pumps and ductless mini splits
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Variable frequency drives (VFD) for motors
  • Domestic-water heating
  • Cooking, refrigeration, and food-service equipment
  • LED Lighting

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