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IAMU Electric Donation "Wishlist"

To keep up with industry need, IAMU’s Electric Services department relies on donations from its member utilities. Our main goal is to properly train line personnel so that their health and welfare are protected as well as the protection of the municipal utilities.

If you have materials from this list that you would be interested in donating, please contact IAMU at 515-289-1999.  We will determine if your donation would be of use on IAMU’s training field. Currently, IAMU is only interested in equipment that is on this list and that is in good working condition because the equipment will be used for training purposes.

Thank you for your consideration.

  1. Substation battery bank
  2. Distribution voltage regulator
  3. Regulator by-pass switch
  4. Solid blade disconnect switches
  5. 10kv distribution arresters
  6. 1/0 ACSR
  7. 6A’ copperweld conductor
  8. 3/8” guystrand
  9. 12kv pin insulators-polymer or porcelain
  10. Crossarm pins
  11. 8’ crossarms/ 10’ crossarms- wooden
  12. Dead end bells- polymer
  13. Crossarm Gains for braceless construction
  14. Eye bolts-assorted lengths 5/8”xassorted lengths
  15. Machine bolts 5/8””x assorted lengths
  16. Pole top pins- 20-22”
  17. Neutral upset 5/8” x assorted lengths
  18. Neutral spools-porcelain or polymer
  19. Insulated brackets for neutral
  20. 220 mil jacketed 1/0 solid urd cable
  21. Connectors-i.e split bolts, p.g. clamps
  22. Digger Derrick with pin on bucket; if you are in the market for a new vehicle, consider IAMU instead of trading in old DD truck (donation or reduced price)
  23. Bucket truck; if you are in the market to purchase a new truck, consider IAMU instead of trading in old bucket truck (donation or a reduced price)
  24. Guy clips
  25. Guy strain insulators: i.e. Johnny balls, insulated links
  26. Anchor rods for PISA anchors, and helix anchors
  27. Pisa anchors/ helix anchors
  28. Underground basements for padmount transformers and switching cabs
  29. Capacitor bank
  30. Capacitor bank stand
  31. Transformer cutaway, conventional and csp
  32. Pad mount transformer cutaway
  33. OCR cutaway
  34. Ground rod clamps
  35. Bonding wedges for down guys
  36. Guy guards
  37. Plastic bins for warehousing materials
  38. Guy attachments
  39. Curved washers
  40. Square washers 2 ¼” x 2 ¼”
  41. Clothes pins for cover up- two dozen
  42. Switching(sectionalizing) cabinets
  43. 3-phase feed through
  44. Pad mount transformer
  45. Pads for padmount transformers
  46. 69kv gang operated air break switch
  47. 69kv fuse disconnects
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